Ahh What The Hell


She’s hot. You’re eager. And there’s so much sexual tension. Everything’s going well and you’re one drink away from suggesting you go back to your place. Should you?

Sex on the first date is a tricky subject. Despite women’s progress in shedding stereotypes associated with first date sex, there is an overarching message that many women have received throughout time warning them that sex on the first date will ruin their chances for a second date. All these reasons are tied to other religious, biological, scientific, and self-esteem related implications. But the fact remains: women are held to a very confusing and difficult standard while men are left wondering if they’re respecting her boundaries, should they go with their libido, or let her make the first move. Either way, it’s confusing for both parties.

So let’s get past all the stereotypes and just focus on pure emotions, welcome to 2015 where people recognize sex as an important component of a successful relationship and therefore nothing to be ashamed of – no matter when it happens. For men and women both, sex is now seen as an important factor that establishes compatibility early on while everything else follows. Ultimately, it’s still your choice. Getting naked with someone after only knowing them for two hours might still be daunting however the point here is, there are no hard and fast rules like “no sex till date three” and old fashioned expressions like the vile: “why buy the cow when you can get the milk for free?” Ouch. These are the shameful and unnecessary components of our lives that come between something so simple and normal as dating and sex.

Having sex on the first date is a choice between you and your date. If the moment feels right and there’s chemistry, why not take that chance and sleep together? There is a common misconception according to Cosmo’s poll that 83% of women believe that men will think less of them if they have sex on the first date. However 67% of guys polled said they don’t care when sex happens – if the moment is right, go for it. Unlike women, men are simple creatures. If he’s into her, he’ll ask for more. It’s really then up to the woman on which way she’s swinging and what signals her brain is giving her.

Nowadays, most people can tell if they’re a perfect fit within a couple of hours of meeting each other and most men will tell you that they know whether or not they are calling you again alot sooner then that, whether sex happens or not.  First date sex seals the date in most cases. What if you meet your soulmate but they’re bad in bed? Most people want to know first hand before investing too much time getting to know someone. It’s sad but true. And even if the date doesn’t continue after the first night sex, don’t feel sorry for yourself. You gave into your emotions; you’re human.

Instead of seeing sex as a bad thing, we should work to shift our perspectives and focus on how we’re feeling in the moment. You have reasons for your actions. Don’t feel guilty or get caught up in what society is saying, religions or ethics. Do what you feel is right for you and the moment. Sex is a normal wonderful thing, if we put aside the stereotypes and just focus on the sex, that’s where the fun begins

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