How Long Should Sex last?

How long should sex last? Is there a secret number or time frame?
According to popular beliefs, sex is supposed to last about half an hour or more, however many men are self-conscious about finishing too soon. Media influences like Hollywood movies, magazines and porn has led to the belief that women enjoy (or require) extended sex sessions.

Reality is that the average man lasts about two minutes or less. This might not sound like a very long time but most women don’t seem to have any complaints as long as they can get off as well. The problem with a short sex time frame lies entirely with men and their desire to last longer.

If you’d like to last longer in bed, check out my tips and tricks.

Kegel exercises: Pelvic exercises have been shown to improve ejaculation by five-fold. To perform these exercises, locate and isolate the muscles you use to control your urine flow. Then squeeze and release these muscles rhythmically. Build the amount you can do each time, and vary the rhythm and pattern.  After doing this for while, you will notice that you have more control over your sexual response as well as your bladder.

Change how you think about sex: Most men and women think of sex as a means to an end – getting an orgasm and that’s it. Yet, it doesn’t have to be. Sex is more than just an orgasm – it’s a sensory experience and it’s also about the connection, intimacy, pleasure, and passion. Don’t put too much pressure on yourself to last an x amount in bed. Instead, think about her, how she’s feeling, and how you’re feeling. Even if you reach orgasm, it doesn’t mean that the whole experience is over. You can continue with passion and try to get there again.

Be healthy: A good erection is the result of healthy blood flow, so make sure you keep your circulation flowing. Get active, hit the gym, and stay away from cigarettes. Eat a healthy diet and don’t abuse alcohol.

Masturbate more often: You can teach yourself to last longer by masturbating more often and getting more in touch with your sexual responses. As you start to stimulate yourself, stop before you reach the point of no return (an orgasm). Give yourself time to calm down, then begin stimulating yourself back up again and stopping before release. Do this a couple of times until you gain more control over your sexual release and you learn what your point of return is.

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