Why Is Hot Hot?


What is the ideal female? What do men find most physically attractive and why? The average playboy centerfold measures 35-23-35, average age 22. Wikipedia defines the pulchritudinal ideal as 5 ft 9 and measures 34-24-24. Victoria secret model Marisa Miller is 5’10 34-23-34. QUESTION: Why do most men and society find these women attractive? Attraction is subjective and changes with priorities and age. Some of us have types that we find attractive but often end up with people who don’t fit that mold. It is really a matter of- “you know when you know.” However, studies have shown that there is one constant to physical beauty- symmetry.
We all know when it comes to female sexual attractiveness there is a societal template. We love the Playboy/ Victoria Secret body type and youthful appearance strictly for breeding. A symmetrical figure with our ample curves is the best vessel to carry seminal seed to fruition. aka-That body type is most likely to have a healthy baby. As with many things in our life; Our wanderings, leanings, lustings and decisions are made subconsciously and tie into our basic sexual origins.

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