Its Just “F…cking” Lipstick


It seems Kat Von D might be fielding some calls from Sephora today regarding possibly pulling her new lipstick line called “Underage Red”. A tweeting shopper complained about the name and it went viral. This is not the first time this has happened. KVD pulled a lipstick called “celebutard” because of pressure from mentally handicapped advocacy groups.

KVD’s response was “It’s Just lipstick.” I couldn’t agree more. Celebutard is Hilarious and relevant- Hilton, Lohan, Kardashian. The latter became famous BTW because of a “leaked” sex tape. I wonder how many of these people who are outraged over lipstick also boycott the media/commercial empire of the Khardasians?

I’m not discounting that underage sex is an issue in this country and underage human trafficking is a problem of pandemic proportions but we are barking up the wrong tree. All this fuss will do anyway is cause more young girls to want to buy Kat Von D’s products.

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