Nice Rack!


When I think about attraction and courting I laugh and remember family trips to Colorado and watching the Elk mating season in the Rocky Mountains.  The alpha male bull is the physically superior but definitely has the biggest rack (horns), The rack needs to be symmetrical. If one side is damaged he has trouble attracting mates and usually backs down from the other males.  The alpha bull can have up to 20 cows and the loser walks away alone. It’s Darwinian breeding live!    Are human females the same?  Do they all want the Alpha Male?  Yes and no….

For women and men (and ELK) symmetry has a lot to do with attraction.   Physical prowess is important.  This ensures strong, disease free genes to pass on.   Physical health in mating partners can also mean protection from predators.  Females can’t very well raise young if they are being attacked. Just like in animals, human females are attracted sexually to “alpha males” for breeding but after good genes, security is important and in our world that means financial security.  Again you can’t raise off-spring properly if you are homeless.  So yes. most women prefer men who are financially stable.  Our alpha male may be the one with the biggest wallet.

In one study attraction was broken down into 3 parts- Proximity – We are most likely to fall in love with someone who we see frequently.     Similarity -We fall for people who we feel share the same level of attractiveness we see in ourselves and share our attitudes, values and interests.   Reciprocity – We fall for people who like us back.  (Bryne, 1971)

So ladies next time you feel that tingle of attraction at whole foods for the hot guy behind you in line, is it just human biology talking?  Or when you see a guy in a nice car is he attractive to you because that means security?  Maybe….  Attraction is complicated but it pales in comparison to what comes next- LOVE!   Stay Tuned

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