Why Does Sex Exist?


Sex exists because it’s fucking awesome! Doesn’t the question fit in to the old adage “If it’s not broken don’t fix it.” Some things should just be left alone and enjoyed. I agree, but alas I did sign up for this whole sexology thing so here it goes.

I’ve asked this question to a lot of people and there are two prominent answers. The first and most popular is for reproduction. After people say that, they usually give you a look of disdain as if they received a degree in baby making from Harvard medical school. So that’s it right? Not quite, if that was it then nature would have devised a simpler way to reproduce, one without the health risks for females- it’s much easier laying eggs. We could do away with courting rituals like the peacocks strut and classy dinners at The Olive Garden, Male dueling like big horn sheep and elaborate mating. Some birds mate in flight plummeting to the ground. In fact some animals engage in Parthenogenesis, breeding without sperm/egg fertilization, (which is what sex is supposed to do). In, SEX: A Natural History, Joan Ellison Rogers discusses animals that are solely female. There is a species of lizard that lay and fertilize eggs all by their lonesome. No males! Sparking the notion that men may become superfluous in humankind as well in due time. If so congress would work better and there would be less terrorism. Oh and why do we have nipples still anyway?

The second most popular answer is, “because it feels good.” And, they are partly right as well. When we engage in acts that are healthy our brain emits dopamine. Feelings of pleasure follow almost immediately. Eating food for instance, exercising and having sex induce feelings of pleasure because it’s in our best interest to continue doing them. It’s nature’s way of programming needed responses. Booze and drugs feel great… so I’ve heard…because they artificially generate dopamine output. OK, so it I feels good, so we want to do it, we win fair lady by wooing her with our feathers or red Porsche, so she thinks we have good genes, she finally breaks us off a slice, we do it and have babies. But again we go back to same issue- why all the fuss? Couldn’t we just massage each other when shes ovualting and deposit sperm onto eggs that way?

Through the evolutionary process nature uses mating, breeding and sex, in our case, Like darts thrown at a board. The Homo Sapien dart has done well. Our success as a species is multifactorial. However, one of the undeniable reasons is in the way we pair bond, have sex (One the best on the planet at it ) and reproduce. Psychologist Diane De Simone says to fully understand human sexuality you must start at the genetic level. Stay tuned.

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